Zig Zag Cables for Metal Roofs

This diagram shows how zig zag roof heat cables are installed on metal roofs.Even on metal roofs the sun and building heat combine to melt accumulated snow at the roof/snow interface. Snow is porous and allows water to flow. Ice is not porous and will trap water. Water will flow as long as the roof surface stays above freezing. When the water runs to the roof edge it freezes, starting an “ice dam” that continues to grow and trap more water, leading to leakage problems. The objective of a snowmelt system is to ensure the water is drained off and not allowed to freeze at the roof edge forming a dam. Metal roofs are susceptible to damaging snow slides, we recommend a single pass up the rib and cross the same rib to return to the gutter section below. Keep the roof cavity open and the rib will help protect the cable.

Use the Serpentine method. Be sure that the heating cable extends all the way into the gutters, meeting the run in the gutter to form a continuous path. Generally, use one run of heating cable in the gutter. If there are no gutters, use the serpentine method and our heated drip edge or hang loops off roof edge.

The benefits to a Self-Regulating Cable:

  • Simple to Install
  • Reliable and a longer design life
  • Can be overlapped
  • Can be cut to length on site
  • Saves energy
  • Will not overheat roofing materials or ruin plastic or vinyl rain gutters

Download Datasheet
Download Instruction Manual

Roof Clips for Metal Roofs

S-5-N roof clip clamp for metal roofs.S-5-N and S-5-N Mini clamps were designed with patented S-5!® zero‑penetration technology for application on the popular 1" nail strip metal roof profiles: Taylor Metals' Easy Lock™, ASC Building Products' Skyline Roofing®, McElroy Metals' Meridian, New Tech Machinery's FF100, and roofing types with similar profiles. The clamp boasts a wider throat that accommodates most nail strip profiles, minimizing the need to field crimp. An angled wall with a nose permits the S-5-N to engage the triangle type profiles during the installation process—there is no longer a need to hold the clamp in place while setscrews are tensioned. The combination of these two features allows the clamp to sit straighter on the seam. Nail strip profiles just got a whole lot simpler!

S 5 Metal Roof Clamp Datasheet

The RCK-1 Roof Cable Clips can be used as well.  These clips attach heating cable to most types of roof surfaces.

RCK-1 Rood Cable Clips Instruction Manual

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