The SnoFree™ SCH Shingle Cable Holder Valley system is a low-cost method  to control any ice dams that would form in a valley with asphalt shingles, wood shakes, standing seam metal.  The SFP-SCH-V will create open sections for water to safely flow from through the valley without the possibility to re-freeze over unheated portions of high flow areas. The shingle cable holder system gives an aesthetic look compared to standard serpentine heat cable in a valley application while keeping a cleaner method to eliminate ice dam issues. All SFP systems come standard with a  durable 30-year Kynar finish to match most desired looks.

This diagram shows how the SFP‐SCH‐V Shingle Cable Holder is built and functions.

  • Beautifully heats the roof while keeping the intended look of the roof
  • Simple to access
  • Attractive and completely hides the heat cable for added protection
  • Simple to Install
  • Available in 24 ga. Kynar Steel, Aluminum, Cor10, Copper, etc.
  • Works great for Valleys


  • For all buildings with a pitch greater than 4/12
  • For new roof installations:

    • Asphalt Shingle
    • Wood Shake Shingles
    • Tile or Slate Roofs
    • Standing Seam Metal

  • For installation on existing roofs:

    • Asphalt Shingle
    • Wood Shake Shingles
    • Standing Seam Metal

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