This is the cost effective way to turn on your system. The following units will automatically turn on when the temperatures are cold and turn your ice melt system off when it is warm.

Model AP 3550 Ambient Thermostat — Plug and Play

This thermostat will automatically turn on when the temperature drops below 35 degrees (F). The Thermostat Extension Cable is simple to use. Plug one end directly into any 120V outlet and the other end into your heat trace assembly. The Thermostat Extension Cable has an LED indicator that illuminates when the thermostat is activated. It will remain activated until the ambient temperature rises above 50 degrees (F).

Model AP 3550 Ambient Plug and Play Thermostat

Nelson TF4X40 Thermostat

These Thermostats are used for controlling heat tracing systems in ordinary locations. The capillary bulb should be mounted on the side of the pipe. A low-cost option to turn on your system when it is cold enough to freeze and shuts off when the freeze danger is gone.

The Nelson TF4X40 Thermostat is used for controlling heat trace systems in standard locations.

DS-8C Rain/Snow Sensor Controller

The DS-8C is primarily designed for gutter, downspout, and roof ice melting and small satellite antenna deicing. The totally sealed, low voltage, remote mount precipitation sensor allows the user to install the small sensor head in a downspout, the back of a gutter, or at the end of an antenna boom, up to 10' away, while keeping the main controller in a more convenient or protected outdoor location.

DS 8C Rain Snow Sensor Controller 02

Tracon FPT 130 Single-Point Freeze Protection Heat–Trace Control

The FPT 130 Heat–Trace Control is a single–point microprocessor–based heat–trace control thermostat. It is ideal for applications which require Ground–Fault Equipment Protection (GFEP). Ideal uses include freeze protection, and other temperature monitoring and control applications.

The FPT 130 Heat–Trace Control operates from the heater’s power source. A universal power supply allows the FPT 130 to operate from 100 V ac to 277 V ac, and control a resistive load up to 30 A.

Tracon FPT 130 Heat Trace Control

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