The SnoFree™ SCH-PBR Shingle Cable Holder for PBR exposed fastener roofs is a low cost method to control any ice dams that would form on a building with an existing metal roof of exposed fasteners, commonly known as a PBR panel. With 2 passes covering each rib or specific ribs, the SFP-SCH will create open sections for water to safely flow from the roof without the possibility to refreeze over unheated portions of the roof. The shingle cable holder system gives an aesthetic look compared to standard serpentine heat cable to any structure while keeping a cleaner method to eliminate ice dam issues. All SFP systems come standard with a durable 30 year Kynar finish to match most desired looks.

This detailed diagram shows how the SFP-PBR Shingle cable holder is designed and works.


  • Beautifully heats the roof while keeping the intended look of the roof
  • Simple to access
  • Attractive and hides the heat cable in the majority of visible areas
  • Simple to Install
  • Available in 24 ga. Kynar Steel, Aluminum, Cor10, Copper, Etc.
  • Use with SFP-SCH-V for all valleys


  • For all buildings with a pitch greater than 1/12
  • For new roof installations:
    • Standing Seam Metal
  • For installation on existing roofs:
    • Standing Seam Metal

For best ice dam prevention, ensure every layer of shingle from the drip edge until 1’ above the heated wall is covered. This product should also be used in conjunction with the SFP-Drip Edge systems.

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