The SnoFree™ Heated Standing Seam Panel system is to be used on standing seam roofing. The SFP-SSP easily attaches to each rib to create a large open channel for flowing water to easily continue off the roof. With the cable completely protected within the SFP-SSP system add a custom ramp to the top to help protect the entire system from a slide pulling the system off the roof. Combine the SFP-SSP system with an engineered snow retention system for added protection against slides. The SFP-SSP keeps the aesthetically pleasing look of the standing seam roof without any ice dams that could form.  All SFP systems come standard with a  durable 30 year Kynar finish to match most desired looks and are designed for a standard 1” rib. Custom sizes available.

This diagram shows how the SFP=SSP The SnoFree™ Heated Standing Seam Panel system works.

  • Beautifully heats your standing seam cavity at roof eaves
  • Simple to access
  • Attractive and completely hides the wiring along the roof
  • Simple to Install
  • Built to match standing seam roof color
  • Adjustable dimensions for any profile
  • Available for all types of Standing Seam roofing
  • Available in Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Cold Roll, etc.


  • For all buildings with a pitch greater than 1/12
  • For new roof installations:
  • Standing Seam Metal
  • For installation on existing roofs
  • Standing Seam Metal


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