Aerial snow sensors for surface snow and ice and automatic gutter de-Icing sensors.

Snow Owl Automatic Snow Sensor

Aerial Snow Sensors for Surface Snow and Ice

The ETI Snow Owl is designed to work with a controller or contactor, optimizing energy usage in heated snow/ice melting applications. The ETI Snow Owl is also an excellent solution for building automation applications.

Snow Owl Automatic Snow Sensor 01


Gutter Ice Sensor GIT-1

Automatic Gutter De-Icing Sensor

An automatic freeze prevention control system for gutters and downspouts employs one or more GIT–1 Gutter Ice Sensors and either APS–3C or APS–4C Control Panel. Heaters operate only if moisture occurs at temperatures below 38°F (3.3°C), thus saving energy and ensuring reliable ice melting.

Gutter Ice Sensor GIT 1 a



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