Nelson TF4X40 Thermostat

These Thermostats are used for controlling heat tracing systems in ordinary locations. The capillary bulb should be mounted on the side of the pipe. A low-cost option to turn on your system when it is cold enough to freeze and shuts off when the freeze danger is gone.

The Nelson TF4X40 Thermostat is used for controlling heat trace systems in standard locations.


Enclosure: Molded Fiberglass Polyester

Classifications: NEMA Type 4X IP66

Temperature Range: Fixed 40°F

Capillary: Length 3 Ft.     Material  Copper    Max. Bulb Temp  160°F

Electrical Data:

           CSA Rating   22 amp Resistance 480 VAC

           UL Rating     22 amp Resistance 480 VAC

Calibration Accuracy: 4°F

Switch Type: Single Pole Single Throw


 Installation Manual
 Instruction Manual

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