Ice damage doesn’t just take place on the roof, the walkway and sidewalks are also at risk. Heated concrete walkways and sidewalks outfitted with concrete snow melt systems are the perfect solution to avoid slippery walkways or entrances and effectively eliminates the need to shovel snow.

Implementing concrete snow melt systems when renovating or building your home or business can help you avoid problems in the future, like cracked concrete, slips and falls, rock salt damage, and daily snow removal.

There are a couple of concrete snow melting components that can be combined to offer a comprehensive and energy saving solution that keeps your walkway snow and ice free all winter long and avoids potential ice-related injuries.

Mineral Insulated Cable

Mineral insulated heat trace cables are industrial snow melting cables that are embedded directly into freshly poured concrete walkways and sidewalks.

Embedded mineral insulated cables help reduce ice and snow buildup on poured concrete surfaces.

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Pavement Sensor Control

Pavement ice melting sensors help detect snow and ice conditions and energize deicing heaters to ensure that you only use your concrete snow melt system when it’s actually necessary, effectively saving energy and money.

ETI-SIT-6E Pavement Mounted Snow and Ice Sensor detects and regulates snow and ice on pavement.

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