Snow Owl Automatic Snow SensorThe ETI Snow Owl is designed to work with a controller or contactor, optimizing energy usage in heated snow/ice melting applications. The ETI Snow Owl is also an excellent solution for building automation applications.

During dry or warm weather, the system’s heaters are turned off to save energy costs. The heaters are turned on only when snow and/ or ice is present, and kept on only long enough to ensure complete melting and drying. Temperature and time parameters are preset for optimum system performance.

Typical applications include controlling snow melting systems or sidewalks, doorways, stairs, loading docks, ramps for the physically challenged and parking garages. Easy installation is another key Snow Owl feature. Low voltage operation, up to 2,000' (609.6m) separation from the control panel, mast or roof mounting, and non-critical extension wiring are just a few of the features making this possible.

Snow Owl Automatic Snow Sensor Features

  • Automatic snow sensor for reduced energy consumption in sidewalk, gutter/downspout snow and ice melting applications
  • Slim design minimizes visual impact
  • Mounts on 3⁄4” PVC conduit for easy installation
  • Operates on safe low voltage power
  • Simple three wire connections: 2 for power, 1 for signal output
  • Wire colors match commonly available cable for easier installation
  • Convenient power-on self-test to verify proper sensor operation
  • Made with UV-tolerant and corrosion-resistant materials for long life
  • Made in the U.S.A.


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pdf logo Snow Owl Automatic Snow Sensor Datasheet
pdf logo Snow Owl Automatic Snow Sensor Manual

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