The SnoFree™ 12” eave roof panel is an efficient method to control any ice dams that would form on a building with an overhang up to 14”. With close to 16” of the deck covered, the SFP-12 panel will create all the open area for water to safely flow from the roof without the possibility to refreeze over unheated portions of the roof. The SnoFree™ heated panel system gives an aesthetically pleasing look to any structure while keeping a more efficient and cleaner method to eliminate ice dam issues. All SFP systems come standard with a durable 30 year Kynar finish to match most desired looks.

This diagram shows how the SFP-12 SnoFree™ 12” eave roof panel is designed and functions.


  • Effectively controls Ice and Snow with 2 Passes of Cable
  • Heats more than 12” up the roof deck
  • Comes with a 30 Year protective Kynar finish
  • Sheet metal pieces come in 48” widths for ease of handling
  • An economical and beautiful option to control ice dams for 12” eave overhangs


  • For all buildings with a pitch greater than 4/12
  • For new roof installations:
    • Asphalt Shingle
    • Wood Shake Shingles
    • Tile or Slate Roofs
    • Standing Seam Metal
  • For installation on existing roofs:
    • Asphalt Shingle
    • Wood Shake Shingles


This snow covered shingle roof can benefit from the addition of SnoFree™ 12” eave roof panels.      SnoFree™ 12” eave roof panels are also able to be applied directly to existing metal roofs.

System Parts List:

1—6” Aluminum Extrusion

1—SFP 24 ga. Kynar Steel Base

1—SFP Cleat Drip Edge

1—SFP 24 ga. Kynar Steel Cap

1—SFP 24 ga. Kynar Steel Expansion Joint

Download Datasheet
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NOTE: When attaching over existing shingles, we suggest using the SFP-Transition system.

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