SIT 6EThe SIT–6E reliably detects snow and ice conditions on pavement surfaces when used with any APS series or EUR–5A Control Panel. This ensures that deicing heaters operate only while needed, which minimizes energy costs without sacrificing snow melting effectiveness. A built-in hold-on timer keeps heaters operating for an hour after snow stops to help ensure complete snow melting.

The SIT–6E senses snow as moisture detected between below 38°F (3.3°C). Operation in the 32° to 38°F (0°to 3.3°C) temperature range eliminates otherwise slow melting.

The SIT–6E accurately measures pavement temperature by compensating for its internal heating. This eliminates the cost and complexity of a separate pavement temperature sensor. For improved efficiency, the SIT–6E mounts close to the deicing heaters to ensure that pavement and sensor become dry at about the same time.

The new mounting system helps align the SIT–6E with the pavement surface. Six available conduit locations add to installation flexibility and simplicity. The sensor subassembly is field replaceable without disturbing the pavement. The SIT–6E is a NEC Class 2 low voltage device which simplifies installation.

Only brass, epoxy, and stainless steel are exposed to the pavement surface. Precision machining gives these products a handsome appearance that will please the building owner, engineer, and architect. 

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