Model AP 3550 Ambient Thermostat — Plug and Play

This thermostat will automatically turn on when the temperature drops below 35 degrees (F). The Thermostat Extension Cable is simple to use. Plug one end directly into any 120V outlet and the other end into your heat trace assembly. The Thermostat Extension Cable has an LED indicator that illuminates when the thermostat is activated. It will remain activated until the ambient temperature rises above 50 degrees (F).

Model AP 3550 Ambient Plug and Play Thermostat


Thermostat Switch - Circuit On At 35°F and Off At 50°F

  • UL Approved for 120 Volt up to 15 AMP resistive load
  • Rated for environmental conditions up to 125°F
  • Snapdisc thermal control opens on temperature rise: Open 50°F Close 35°F (+/- 5°F)
  • Simple 10” Length for ease of use
  • Comes with transparent female connector with light for easy viewing that the system is in operation


A low cost option to turn on your plug and play heat cable when the temperatures are cold enough to freeze

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