The roof is often one of the last elements of a building or home that receives attention unless it is severely damaged. However, the roof is one of the most crucial structural aspects of a home and essentially holds it all together. With elegant SnoFree™ Heated Roof Panels you can now create a safe, effective, and beautiful barrier to the elements.

Elegant Design Energy Efficient Effective Protection

Each of our unique heated roof panel systems is elegantly designed to offer the best protection while both increasing the curb appeal and value of a home. Plus, they are carefully engineered to be extremely energy efficient, saving you money in the winter season and keeping your home safe from dangerous ice buildup.

No matter what style of roof you’re working with, our SnoFree™ Heated Roof Panels are a versatile, efficient, and stylish solution to combat ice buildup.

Eave Systems

For traditional A-line roofs, our heated roof eave systems are designed to melt ice and allow it to flow off the roof without causing ice dams along the edge.

An example of our SnoFree™ Heated Eave systems installed on a shingle roof.

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Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are a very common and effective roofing material, yet they still are susceptible to ice dams. Our heated metal roof panels are an incredibly affordable and durable solution to end ice dam damage once and for all.

An example of our SnoFree™ Heated Roof Panels installed on a metal roof.

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Valleys are a common element of residential and commercial roofing, and can be very poorly affected by ice damage. Luckily, our heated roof panel systems can also protect valleys through a complex snap and lock system that blocks and diverts ice.

An example of our SnoFree™ Heated valley systems installed on a shingle roof.

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We carry a wide range of heat trace control systems designed to work exclusively with our SnoFree™ Heated roof panels.

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