Frozen pipes can be a disastrous situation that can cause extensive and expensive damage inside and outside of the building. There’s nothing worse than coming home to find that your pipes have frozen and burst. That’s why Heat Trace Specialists offer a selection of external pipe heating solutions for commercial and residential applications.

Many commercial buildings maintain an external pipe structure that supplies water and liquids to fire suppression systems, cooling lines, main water lines, and other important fluid systems; and if those pipes are compromised the results could be very dangerous and costly to repair. Even external pool pump and pipe systems can be vulnerable during the winter season.

External pipe heating systems maintain temperatures of liquid transit systems and avoid freezing.

Select one or more of our comprehensive external pipe heating systems that can be used individually or combined to suit your needs:

Process Temperature Maintenance

Process Freeze Protection

High Temperature Maintenance

Industrial Controls

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Ask your local contractor about Heat Trace Specialist external pipe heating systems!

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