Winter is, in many ways, the harshest time of year for both people and property. Besides the increase in illnesses such as colds and flus, the wintertime also sees a dramatic upswing in injuries related to accidents from falls and hypothermia. Furthermore, the winter weather can really mess up your property if you don’t take the appropriate precautions.


Protection from the cold

Here are some tips for keeping your family and your home safe from the cold temperatures:

  • Always set your thermostat to a temperature above 65 degrees. This will help prevent problems such as frozen pipes and it will also ensure that no one in your home is at risk of developing hypothermia.
  • Wear layers when you go outside. If your house feels cold, in spite of the heat, wear thermals at night. The elderly and very young are especially susceptible to cold temperatures, so be sure that they are appropriately attired.
  • Keep your own sidewalk and driveway cleared of snow and ice. This will prevent injury to you and others around you.
  • Clear your roof of snow on a regular basis. Falling snow and ice can cause injuries, and the buildup of snow on the roof can lead to cave-ins and other problems that cause major damage to your house and that can potentially be dangerous to anyone in the home.

Staying safe in cold weather doesn’t have to require a lot of hassle—it’s mostly just a matter of common sense. There are ways, however, to make the season even easier on you and your home—one of the best things you can do is invest in heat tape or a sidewalk and driveway heating system. These systems, when installed by your Utah driveway heating professionals, will keep your driveway, sidewalk, and roof snow-free, thus preventing back injuries or injuries from slipping or falling.

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