Whether you’re worried about falling around your own home or are concerned about the customers who walk around your business, looking into ways to prevent ground ice and snow will help you. One way you can avoid falling is by putting ice heating mats down in the winter.

Here are some of the heating pads you can put down and the benefits of each:

Rubber Stair Treads

Stairs can be treacherous obstacles in or soon after a snow storm. At your home, having rubber stair treads is wonderful because they can be plugged into most regular outlets and are easily portable so you can move them if you need to. Because they can melt up to two inches of ice and snow per hour, they can easily keep your stairs free of dangerous obstacles.

Industrial and Residential Heating Mats

If you have a large area that often freezes over, you might want to have these large heating mats. They are great for businesses and homes alike and can also melt two inches of snow in an hour. They are can be moved at any time and work while plugged into most regular outlets.

If you have further questions about which types of heat products are best for your home or business talk to the ice damage prevention experts! Call Heat Trace Specialists at (877) 244-1055.

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