More than 500,000 people a year injure themselves while on ladders, while many thousands more injure themselves working on their rooftop. Nevertheless, it’s a job that needs to be done. Snow buildup on the roof can lead to ice dams, shingle damage, and even a collapsed roof.


Staying Safe

The best bet is to avoid the danger altogether by hiring professionals or, even better, investing in a roof heating system that will eliminate the need for snow removal entirely. However, if you do choose to do it on your own, here are some tips for safely removing snow from your roof:

  • Invest in a snow rake, snow cutter, or other snow removal implement with an extendable arm. This will enable you to remain safely on the ground while getting all the snow off your roof. Never use a normal snow shovel on a roof, as it can damage the shingles.
  • If you are going to climb a ladder, be very careful about placement. Make sure it is set on firm, level ground, away from any power or utility lines. As you’re climbing the ladder, always keep at least three parts of your body in contact with the ladder at all times.
  • Always let a family member or neighbor know that you will be working on the roof, and ask them to check up on you occasionally (or, better yet, have them “spot” you the whole time you are working.) They will be able to offer emergency aid if you should have an accident.

Removing snow is stressful and potentially dangerous, but by following these tips you can greatly reduce your risk of an accident. If you never want to worry about rooftop snow removal again, you can always contact roof heating specialists.

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