Winter Park Colorado gets an average of 347” of snow each year. The snow, and subsequential ice, can cause a variety of expensive problems to homes and commercial buildings, including structural damage. Our team here at Heat Trace Specialists received a call from a homeowner in Winter Park Colorado who was experiencing such issues.

Our technical team worked with the customer to identify all of the different problem areas. We ended up designing a system that included our SFP-12 SnoFree™ Roof Panels for the roof eave, our SFP-SCH-V Shingle Cable Holder System for the valleys and our HTS-6-2R Self-Regulating Heating Cable to heat the gutters and downspouts. We also added a Nelson TF4X40 Thermostat to control the heating cable.

The home was actually a townhome that was part of a three unit building. We went back this past winter to take pictures of the unit and to see how everything was working. The pictures below were taken on the same day. The photo on the left is of the townhome we installed our SnoFree™ Heated Roof Panels on. The photo on the right is of the townhome right next to it. This unit has heated roof panels from one of our competitors. As you can see, our system is working nicely. The roof eave is staying clear with no signs of ice damming. The valley has also melted nicely keeping the snow load reduced and melting down the snow with no damming. The picture on the right is telling a very different story. 

SnoFree Heated Roof Panels vs Competition

You can see the gigantic ice dam that formed on the roof eave just behind the panels. This created a hazardous situation with a window so close, the ice could easily damage that window when it falls. It is only melting snow on the edge of the roof eave but is still allowing ice dams to form on the back of the panel above the overhang. Also notice the amount of snow building up in the valley areas. The panel they used in the valley isn’t working very well either.

The bottom line…there is no competition! Heat Trace Specialists ice prevention solutions are the perfect solution. Simply order your preferred ice dam prevention system and install it yourself or contact your local contractor and ask them to install the one and only SnoFree™ Heated Roof Panels.


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