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Concrete Heat Trace Systems for Heated Driveways, Sidewalks & Commercial Use

Mineral insulated cable is a metal sheathed cable that uses a metallic conductor as the heating element. The conductor is electrically insulated from the metal sheath with magnesium oxide (MgO). Mineral insulated cable is a series resistance heater that generates heat by passing current through the electrical conductor. Power output per unit length of the cable therefore varies with the applied voltage and the resistance of the conductor.

Mineral Insulated Cables are available with either one or two conductors. The one conductor cable is available in the “E” Form where a cold splice is provided at both cable ends for electrical connection. The two-conductor cable is available in two forms. The “A” Form provides an out-and-back circuit with a single cold splice connection at one end. The “E” Form provides cold splices at both ends of the cable.

Outer sheath construction is Alloy 825, a high temperature corrosion resistant alloy with superior flexibility. Two cable diameters are available. The “K” cable diameter is 0.187″ and the “B” cable diameter is 0.312″. A unique manufacturing process provides for a thin wall construction which improves flexibility and ease of installation. This process also allows the use of high performance alloy conductors for high temperature applications.

Principle of Operation:
The series conductor generates heat when voltage is applied as a result of current passing through the conductor. Power output per unit length varies with the applied voltage and circuit resistance. The circuit resistance, in turn, varies with cable length. MI cables are available with a wide selection of conductor resistances. Based on voltage and desired cable length, a specific conductor is selected with a cable resistance that provides the desired power output.